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Can An Online Dating Coach Really Make The Difference?

Girlfriend, Do You Need A Dating Coach? If you are short on time and long on ambition when it comes to finding a fan-tabulous husband, you are in the right place!

If you are an attractive, professional woman who wants a real relationship with a man who cares about your needs, you may be wondering why you haven’t found “The One” yet, when you have so much going for you. You may be hesitant to hire an online dating coach because you worry about what others will think, what it says about you, or you don’t want to admit (even secretly to yourself) that you may be having trouble finding the man you want, on the time table you have available.

The simple truth is dating, whether online or off, comes down to a few simple thing principles:

    1. Identify your target: Decide on the type of guy you want to date – what does he look like, where does he work, how does he treat you, and what does he like to do in his free time? How does he feel about marriage and kids. Write it down and decide. This is Goal-Setting 101 and it applies in the marriage market just like it does in the job market.
    2. Be your best self: Make yourself as attractive as possible to the type of man you want to attract. I’m not saying “change who you are” or have a “Sandra D.” style makeover a la the movie Grease. But, let’s face it… we all have “my hair’s so bad I’m wearing a baseball cap” type of days, and “I’m so hot, take my picture because I may never look this good again” days. You want to do what you need to to have more good days, whether it’s getting more sleep, taking more time to get ready in the morning, doing some prayer, taking a walk or meditation at lunch time to maintain a positive attitude. Do what you need to, to keep the smile on your face. Guys like a woman who cares enough about herself to be her best. (It’s a subconscious signal guys should care about her, too).
    3. Get Out There! Once you’ve got your game face on, you need to get in front of likely targets. Eating take-out thai food and watching TV at home is not going to help you meet Mr. Right, no matter how cute you look in those bunny slippers. You need to have a marketing plan. You need to have a goal, of meeting a certain number of prospects each week, getting a certain number of dates each month, and converting a percentage of those into second dates. (If you’ve taken sales training, I hope this sounds familiar!) If you have no sales experience, or hate sales, then – Surprise! – It’s time to learn to love it! You’re now working on the most important sale of your life. It’s time to sell yourself to your perfect man! (In a totally non-prostitute way, of course!
    4. Close the Sale! What you actually do when you’re on a date, or deeper into the relationship, could have a big impact on whether a guy you think is great, actually falls in love with you or not. What makes the difference when it comes to falling deeper in love with every meeting, versus growing bored and growing apart? Once you’ve got the guy on the hook, a few simple techniques and attitudes can make all the difference when it comes to getting the ring on your finger, and a true Happily Ever After (and not the “They’ll be divorced in 7 years” type of marriage)!

So – This seems so easy… Why haven’t you done it yet?

Hopefully the above makes sense. If it seems too “systematic” for you, I apologize, I can spray a little rose-scented perfume on your computer to make it more romantic, but those are the simple facts. There are always exceptions, but my job as a dating coach and relationship writer is not to dabble in outliers and one-of-a-kind cases, but to identify, and systematize what works best most of the time for most people. That’s what I wrote about in my book, How To Meet Your Match Online, and explained via my in-depth video training and VIP community with The School of Love System.

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